Office 2013 upgrade offer could start on October 19

These are momentous times for Microsoft. Over the next several months, we're going to see the company refresh not just Windows, but also its Office productivity suite. Microsoft has already set up some upgrade incentives for Windows—folks who buy Windows 7 PCs today should have to pony up only $15 for an upgrade to Windows 8, for example. But what about Office? Will late Office 2010 adopters be entitled to discounts on Office 2013?

Yes, says ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley. Quoting "one of [her] contacts," she says Microsoft will kick off an Office 2013 upgrade program on October 19. Folks who buy Office 2010 between that date and April 30, 2013 will get to join. Foley adds that her sources expect Office 2013 to hit release-to-manufacturing status in November and to hit stores next February. That means the purported deadline should leave plenty of time for stragglers.

It's not yet clear exactly what kinds of discounts and incentives Microsoft will offer, though. The last Office upgrade program (which applied to Office 2007 users stepping up to Office 2010) allowed folks to grab the new Office release free of charge. Foley received a screenshot of an alleged Office offer page that outlines free upgrades for Office 2010 users, too, but it's not clear how accurate the information is.

In any case, if you're thinking of grabbing Office in the near future, waiting until October 19 is probably a good idea.

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