Release roundup: Backlit clickiness and slim SSDs

This week in our look at miscellaneous product launches and announcements, we bring tidings from Lian Li, Rosewill, and Silicon Power:

  • Lian Li debuts two new full tower cases – PC-A75X & PC-A76X. The latest brushed aluminum enclosures from Lian Li are actually two variants of the same design. The PC-A75X has a vented front panel that exposes the two 5.25" bays, while the PC-A76X has a lockable aluminum door (with side vents) covering the whole shebang. Otherwise, the two enclosures are identical. They're 23" tall and 8.6" wide, with room for up to a dozen 3.5" hard drives. Their 3.5" bays are installed perpendicularly with tool-less, anti-vibration mounts, and they can also play host to three 2.5" SSDs. Lian Li keeps everything chilly with three 140-mm front fans and one 120-mm rear fan—though there's room for an extra two 120-mm fans at the top. Other amenities include grommeted routing holes for cables and liquid-cooling setups, a cut-out underneath the CPU area, a bottom-mounted PSU emplacement, and USB 3.0 connectivity. Lian Li quotes prices of $199 for the PC-A75X and $219 for the PC-A76X.

  • Rosewill releases illuminated mechanical gaming keyboard RK-9100 series. If you read our review last month, you're no doubt familiar with Rosewill's line of mechanical keyboards. Well, the new RK-9100 series is basically the same thing, only it lights up in the dark with "three illuminated status and four brightness levels." This enables you, Rosewill says, to "type away for hours in the dark while keeping your swagger." Excellent! Two variants are available: one with Cherry MX blue switches, the RK-9100, and one with Cherry MX brown switches, the RK-9100BR. See our review for a comparison of the different Cherry MX switch types.

  • Silicon Power presents new Slim Series 7-mm SSDs for ultrabooks. Just as with the Lian Li cases above, there's not a whole world of difference between Silicon Power's latest introductions—the Slim Series S60 and S70. Both solid-state drives have 2.5" form factors and are a little thinner than usual, at 7 mm. They're powered by SandForce controllers and feature 6Gbps Serial ATA connectivity. Both drives are available in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities, as well. So what are the differences? Well, the S60 can read and write at up to 550MB/s and 500MB/s, respectively, while the S70 is a whopping 7MB/s faster at both tasks. The S60 is black, while the S70 has a "Champagne" finish. Most importantly, however, Silicon Power says the S70 is "more durable and reliable as it can endure more write cycles for longer life span."

It looks like the backlit Rosewill RK-9100 and RK-9100BR keyboards are already available at Newegg for $119.99 and $129.99, respectively. Based on my experiences with the different switch types, I'd probably be inclined to cough up an extra sawbuck for the MX brown model. Then again, as a touch-typist, I'm perfectly content without backlighting. The unlit RK-9000BR only costs $109.99.

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