Murderbox makes a $1200 PC enclosure

If you thought Thermaltake's Level 10 enclosure was pricey, then wait til you get a load of the Murderbox MKII. This new entry into the world of uber-expensive cases costs a whopping $1200, or $500 more than the Level 10. Unlike Thermaltake's creation, though, the Murderbox MKII looks much more like a conventional chassis. In fact, it's based on an existing design: the Silverstone TJ07.

While the TJ07's skeleton provides the backbone for the Murderbox MKII, virtually every aspect of the case has been tweaked. With only a few exceptions, the entire thing is crafted from anodized aluminum. Some of the panels, including the motherboard tray and the walls of the drive cage, are a whopping 8 mm thick. The removable mobo tray is designed to provide a solid anchoring point for water-cooling reservoirs, and its rails slide on nylon-lined channels to make installation silky smooth.

The drive cage looks pretty slick, too. It can accommodate three 3.5" drives and the same number of 2.5" SSDs. Drives are held in beefy frames, which plug into a custom backplane that simplifies wiring. Unfortunately, though, there's no option to hot-swap drives from outside of the case.

Provisions for water cooling can be found throughout the design, which supports quad-fan radiators and has an airy internal layout with plenty of room for plumbing. A handful of sleeved cables are included with the case, as is a slot-loading optical drive that conspicuously lacks Blu-ray support. Good thing there's a stealthy 5.25" drive bay, as well.

Amazingly, there are a number of optional accessories that can be purchased at an additional cost. The standard case appears to lack fans entirely, but dual spinners can be added to the top panel for a mere $150. As slick as the fan mount looks, it still costs more than most entire cases.

The Murderbox MKII has apparently been in development for two years, which makes me wonder why the company needs to rely on a Silverstone subframe. Surely, those pedestrian roots will turn off some of the folks likely to drop $1200 on the limited-edition chassis. Murderbox will make only 499 individually numbered MKII chassis, and interested parties can reserve one today. You can check out more pictures of the case in Murderbox's image gallery. Thanks to Kotaku for the tip.

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