Play Borderlands 2 today

Borderlands 2 is out today. To celebrate the release, Gearbox has put together a new trailer showing off the game's diverse collection of characters, enemies, and, of course, guns. Check it out.

The initial batch of reviews is pretty positive. Borderlands 2 is lauded for its co-op action, although a few reviewers note that the campaign is a little difficult when playing alone. Some classes are apparently better suited to solo sessions. The single-player story seems to be more fleshed out than the original game's narrative, though.

We've long known Borderlands 2 was laden with PC-specific goodies, and the PA Report is particularly positive about those enhancements. All the reviewers seem to enjoy the game's unique personality, which is more tongue-in-cheek than the average first-person shooter. I'm particularly impressed with the visuals—not so much the graphical fidelity but the overall art direction and the varied palette used to paint the world.

If you didn't pre-order the game, Borderlands 2 can be found on Steam for $60, with four-packs available for $180. Looks like you can get both for 10% off via Amazon, which has the game for $54 and co-op packs for $162. A Season Pass for all the upcoming DLC costs $30.

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