Saturday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. X-bit labs: AMD sets the FX "Vishera" launch date and heading
    straight for AMD's Sea Islands, Volcanic Islands, and Pirates Islands
  2. CPU World: Pre-order prices of AMD FX "Piledriver" CPUs
    and Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti coming in October
  3. iFixit's iPhone 5 teardown
  4. Cult of Mac: Has the iPhone 5 already been jailbroken?
  5. ZDNet: Microsoft releases critical updates for Internet Explorer flaws
  6. Computerworld: Microsoft patches critical Flash bugs in Windows 8
  7. PC Gamer's patch 1.0.5 interview with Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng
  8. Eurogamer: Blizzard is "looking at free-to-play" for Starcraft II multiplayer


  1. TNW: Microsoft no longer accepts long passwords, shortens them for you [updated]
  2. TechCrunch: You might be able to download your tweets by the end of the year

  1. Hydrogen fuel cell for phone charging set for 2013
  2. TechReviewSource on Apple iPhone 5
  3. Techreaction reviews Kingston WiDrive

  1. GamesIndustry: PS 3 Super Slim could be a super stumble
  2. L4D Blog: Steam Workshop is coming to Left 4 Dead 2
  3. VR-Zone: EA to host Medal of Honor Warfighter open multiplayer beta
  4. Diablo III PTR patch 1.0.5 notes
  5. Eurogamer: How to find Borderlands 2's quirkiest easter eggs
  6. Strategy Informer: Mirror's Edge heading to PSN this month
  7. VR-Zone's DayZ review
  8. KitGuru's Darksiders 2 review (PS3)

  1. ThinkComputers: Memory timings explained
  2. Rbmods on AOC E2251FWU USB monitor
  3. Fudzilla's Cooler Master CM Storm Skorpion review
  4. KitGuru reviews Antec Three Hundred Two case
  5. Hardware Secrets reviews Cougar Challenger case
  6. VR-Zone's Prolimatech Panther CPU cooler review
  7. X-bit labs review Deepcool Dracula graphics card cooler
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