Serious Windows 8 RTM Flash flaw finally patched

Testing Windows 8 RTM? Great news! You won't have to live with an unplugged security hole for the next four weeks. PC World reports that Microsoft has finally patched a Flash vulnerability in Internet Explorer 10. Good thing, too, because malicious hackers have reportedly been able to harness the flaw to take control of affected systems.

Adobe issued a fix for the vulnerability over a month ago, on August 21. However, Internet Explorer 10 users weren't able to upgrade. That's because only Microsoft can deliver updates for the version of Flash built into IE10. Microsoft stated earlier this month that it had no plans to offer such updates until Windows 8's retail release on October 26, which would have left users vulnerable for more than two months.

Thankfully, the company changed its mind. The patch went out on Windows Update last Friday.

Windows 8 RTM, short for release-to-manufacturing, has been publicly available since mid-August. Microsoft allows users to download it, free of charge, from its MSDN Evaluation Center even if they lack an MSDN subscription. The only catch is that only evaluation licenses are available right now, and those licenses are only good for 90 days. Once the 90 days are up, users must re-install Windows 8 using a different license key.

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