NYT: Google Maps headed to iOS by end of year

We don't need to remind you of the many issues plaguing Apple's new Maps app for iOS. Help is on the way, according to the New York Times' Bits blog—it's just not due anytime soon.

Quoting "people involved with the effort" who didn't want their names printed, the Times says a Google Maps iOS app is, as rumored, in the works at Google. However, that app reportedly won't be ready for "another couple months or so." Google is said to be shooting for a release "by the end of the year," which means iOS users could be stranded with erratic cartography and missing features for a while longer.

What's taking Google so long? The Times explains:

One reason that it will take Google some time to build the iPhone app: it expected the app with Google’s maps to remain on the iPhone for some time, based on the contract between the two companies, and was caught off guard when Apple decided to build a new application to replace the old one.

Fair enough, I suppose... but Google must be all too pleased to watch the Apple faithful squirm. I was almost ready to pull the trigger on the iPhone 5 before I realized how bad the new Maps app is. Now, I'm seriously considering an upgrade to an Android device. If the next Nexus phone arrives before the Google Maps app for iOS, I might just bite the bullet and do it—and I can't be the only one.

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