If loading up pages here at TR this morning feels almost violently snappy, it's not just you. I mentioned a while back that we were working on improvements to the way our pages load on client browsers, and we rolled out a nice suite of changes last night. Kudos again go to Bruno, our resident developer, for making things happen.

What's happened, specifically, is that a large portion of the Javascript on the site has been changed, including the bits that loads up ads, so that it executes after the rest of the page has been rendered. Also, we've enabled further compression of the data we send out, so most of those scripts should transfer more quickly. Bruno would probably tell you he made a lot of other tweaks, too, but those are the basics.

There's now very little that should prevent your browser from rendering a page from TR almost immediately upon receiving it. Images and scripts that require some client-side processing will load up and fill in their spaces after the fact. If you click through one of our reviews, I think you'll notice the improvement.

Oh, and the forums quietly got these same improvements a while back.

These changes, along with the new URLs, are part of a concerted effort to improve our Google rankings, something we really should have done sooner. We just didn't realize how much SEO is a thing and not just, you know, cheating. We've made a few other tweaks to our page code along those lines. Nothing should look any different to you, but search engines should be able to parse our articles more easily. The results they present from TR should look better, too.

There's still more of this stuff for us to do, believe it or not. We have a long list of needed improvements. Most of it will be behind-the-scenes, non-user-impacting work, but there are still some opportunities to drive down page load times even further. We'll have to see about that. For now, click around the site and check out our new speed. If you notice any problems that the changes have created, do let us know, so we can address them ASAP. Thanks.

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