Gameplay video shows off 17 minutes of Dead Space 3

This year's holiday release schedule is so packed that I completely forgot there's a new Dead Space game waiting in the wings. The third iteration of the franchise isn't due out until February, but you can already get a taste of the action in a 17-minute gameplay video posted by the developers. Check it out:

The game's Creative Director and Senior Audio Artist narrate the video, which appears to be from the first section of the single-player campaign. Looks like the Dead Space formula hasn't changed much, although there seems to be a little more variation in the gameplay. You're still going to spend most of your time walking around in the dark. At least there's a flashlight at the end of your weapon, though.

I quite enjoyed the first Dead Space game, particularly because its limb-separating combat rewards precise marksmanship. Of course, I also loved Doom 3, so maybe I'm just a sucker for shooting monsters in the dark. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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