Intel officially addresses ''half-baked'' Windows 8 claims

I guess Intel wasn't so happy about all those reports saying its CEO, Paul Otellini, characterized Windows 8 as "half-baked." The chipmaker went so far as to issue a statement yesterday, calling such reports "unsubstantiated" and touting both Intel's relationship with Microsoft and its high hopes for Windows 8. Here's that statement in full:

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 26, 2012 – Today Intel Corporation issued a statement in response to unsubstantiated news reports about comments made by Intel CEO Paul Otellini in a meeting with employees.

Intel has a long and successful heritage working with Microsoft on the release of Windows platforms, delivering devices that provide exciting experiences, stunning performance, and superior compatibility. Intel fully expects this to continue with Windows 8.

Intel, Microsoft and our partners have been working closely together on testing and validation to ensure delivery of a high-quality experience across the nearly 200 Intel-based designs that will start launching in October. Intel CEO Paul Otellini is on record as saying "Windows 8 is one of the best things that ever happened to Intel," citing the importance of the touch interface coming to mainstream computing and the huge wave of exciting new Ultrabook™, tablet and convertible device innovations coming to the market.

The "unsubstantiated" reports were based on a Bloomberg story, which itself quoted "a person who attended the company event." According to that unnamed tipster, Otellini said Windows 8 was being "released before it's fully ready." Otellini allegedly added, "Releasing the operating system before it's fully baked is the right move, and Microsoft can make improvements after it ships." (Those quotations are, I believe, paraphrased.)

Now, it's worth noting that Intel is calling this story unsubstantiated, not false. The chipmaker also makes no claims about Windows 8's readiness for prime time. Nothing in the statement directly contradicts the purported quotes from the Bloomberg report, either. Otellini's on-the-record enthusiasm about Windows 8 certainly isn't at odds with the view that releasing the software early is "the right move." We may never know what was said in that employee meeting—or even if the meeting ever took place—but Intel's statement doesn't look like an terribly strong denial to me.

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