AMD expands lineup of low-voltage Trinity notebook APUs

AMD has added two new models to its lineup of low-voltage notebook APUs. The most intriguing of these Trinity-based processors may be the A8-4555M. This quad-core part has a 1.6GHz base clock speed and a 2.4GHz Turbo peak, both down 400MHz from the existing A10-4655M. The integrated Radeon is clocked a bit slower, as well, but the payoff is a lower 19W TDP. The A10 has a 25W thermal envelope, making it less suitable for slim systems.

There's also a fresh option in the A4 family. The A4-4355M serves up dual cores clocked at 1.9/2.4GHz, a 200MHz drop from the A4-4455M. AMD hasn't lowered the GPU speed for this chip, but the onboard Radeon's ALU count has been cut from 256 to 192. The reductions haven't changed the TDP, which remains at 17W.

Systems based on AMD's low-voltage Trinity APUs have been relatively scarce, but the newcomers should be more affordable for notebook makers. Perhaps we'll see Trinity make its way into more thin-and-light systems as a result. Then again, AMD updated its product page with little fanfare, suggesting there are no new design wins to tout. Thanks to CPU-World for the heads up.

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