Sunday Shortbread

7 Up

  1. Microsoft Enterprise Insights: Deploying Windows 8 within Microsoft
  2. Who's watching? 3D TV no hit with viewers - USA Today
  3. SSD penetration in ultrabooks to hit 85% this year: DRAMeXchange
  4. NPD: Android smartphone users download just over
    over cellular per month - FierceWireless
  5. Engadget's Razer Blade review (late 2012)
  6. Within Windows: Notch doesn't hate Windows, he's just confused
  7. Engadget: Wikipad CEO James Bower defends his
    gaming tablet's $500 pricing, why one device beats two


  1. Evolution of Apple (fan-made video)
  2. Opposing Views: Microsoft sued over rights to Kinect technology
  3. Former copyright boss: New technology should be
    presumed illegal
    until Congress says otherwise - Techdirt
  4. HotHardware covers Maker Faire 2012 New York
  5. Engadget: Maingear announces Nomad 17
    gaming laptop, comes with custom paint job
  6. Fox News: Kodak to end consumer inkjet printer sales

  1. HTC: A closer look at Windows Phone 8X and 8S
  2. Tbreak's HTC Windows Phone 8X & 8S quick look
  3. WPCentral: See an update for Adobe Reader on
    Windows Phone? Don't do it or you'll be downgraded.
  4. Engadget's Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review
  5. Tbreak's BlackBerry 10 preview
Software and gaming

  1. WMPoweruser: Windows 8 version of ICQ teased
  2. Engadget: How to set up your Raspberry Pi to play Atari 2600 games
  3. World of Warcraft patch 5.0.5 hotfixes
  4. KitGuru's Mark of the Ninja review (XBLA)

  1. TweakTown's Gigabyte P2542G laptop review
  2. Eurogamer's Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 review
  3. The SSD Review on OWC Mercury Helios PCIe Thunderbolt expansion chassis
  4. Technic3D's MS-Tech X4 Crow² case (in German)
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