Are more layoffs in the cards for AMD?

A year on from AMD's last round of mass layoffs, the rumor mill suggests AMD's staff could face further downsizing. News comes from the folks at VR-Zone, who quote "sources close to heart [sic] of the matter" as saying AMD's work force could soon shrink from around 11,000 to somewhere below 10,000—at least a 9% cut. (VR-Zone's headline only talks of a 5% reduction, though, oddly enough.)

VR-Zone adds that, according to its sources, "[AMD] has too many VPs and directors who slow things down. New hires cannot fulfill their targets due to amount of bureaucracy." Rumor has it the company is "too big for the amount of projects at hand," as well. And AMD's third-quarter sales purportedly fell short of expectations, which could add fuel to the fire.

There's no official word on any of that yet, of course. Last we heard, AMD expected a revenue decline of "1 percent, plus or minus 3 percent" for the third quarter. We won't find out the company's actual Q3 earnings for another couple of weeks, but the company hasn't announced a revised forecast or revenue warning so far, which may be a good sign. Last time AMD missed third-quarter guidance—a year ago—we heard about it on September 29.

AMD's last major round of layoffs, which began in November 2011, saw the company shed 10% of its work force, or roughly 1,400 souls. AMD's public relations and marketing departments were among the hardest hit, with almost all of the company's PR staff getting laid off.

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