Desktop Trinity APUs available at Newegg

Want to buy one of AMD's new Trinity desktop APUs? Good news. Newegg has four different models in stock, and they all come with promotional $5 gift cards. The range-topping A10-5800K sells for $130, while its slower A8-5600K counterpart can be had for $110. Those quad-core models are complemented by a pair of duallies. The A6-5400K rings in at $75 and the A4-5300 costs just $60.

Newegg is charging a little more than the 1,000-unit prices quoted by AMD. The chip maker asks $122 and $101 for the A10-5800K and A8-5600K, respectively. The A6-5400K has a $67 list price, while the $A4-5300 is pegged at $53. Don't think that Newegg is trying to take advantage of early Trinity adopters, though. The e-tailer charges similar premiums on Intel CPUs.

TigerDirect's stock list mirrors Newegg's, and the prices are almost identical between the two. However, the only Amazon listings are for third-party vendors, which are charging a little more than Newegg and TigerDirect. North of the border, NCIX's website is devoid of listings for desktop Trinity processors.

Newegg's $5 gift card promotion expires October 15, so there's plenty of time to take advantage of the offer. I wouldn't be surprised to see desktop Trinity APUs pop up in motherboard combo deals, as well. The chips plug into a new FM2 socket, so they won't work with older boards.

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