The Inquirer on the Columbine tragedy

Zach Gusky of The Inquirer has written a searing piece on the Columbine tragedy which deserves a closer look:
A recent Denver Post story is now claiming that violent games, and particularly a scene from the movie "The Basketball Diaries" with Leonardo DiCaprio, are what contributed to the massacre at Columbine.

The question I want to ask is whether games like Doom or Quake can really be responsible for real life murders. Can a person get so enthralled and excited by the make believe that without thinking they turn it into reality? Or was this something that existed inside of them all along, like a time bomb waiting to go off?

Read more here. The FTC has also issued a follow-up report on the marketing of violent entertainment to children.
The follow-up report states that "vigilant self-regulation is the best approach to ensuring that parents are provided with adequate information to guide their children's exposure to entertainment media with violent content" and therefore encourages the industry to expand efforts to implement the reforms announced following the Report and to go beyond those reforms to meet the Commission's recommendations.
The press release and the text of the report in PDF can be found here.
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