TDK tech could bring 10TB hard drives in 2014

A little more than six months after Seagate demoed a hard drive platter with an areal density of one terabit per square inch, TDK has raised the bar. The firm has achieved an areal density of 1.5Tbit/in², a new record according to TechOn. This areal density should allow for 2.5" hard drive platters that pack an even terabyte and 3.5" media with double that capacity.

Like Seagate, TDK uses heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology to flip bits on its ultra-dense platters. The firm hasn't integrated its latest media into a hard drive, though. The areal density was verified on a "spin plate" rather than a working drive. However, TDK does plan on demoing a HAMR-equipped hard drive at the CEATEC show in Japan this week.

TDK doesn't expect to be mass-producing 1.5Tb/in² platters until 2014, so it'll be some time before we can get our hands on the tech. If drive makers stick to their current platter counts, we could see 3.5" models with capacities up to 8-10TB. Notebook drives, which are typically limited to two platters, could reach 2TB. Right now, the biggest 3.5" desktop drives top out at 4TB, while notebook models are stuck around the terabyte mark.

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