Acer unveils pricey 11.6'' Win8 tablet

Earlier this morning, Acer took the wraps off the Iconia W700, an Intel-powered Windows 8 tablet with a whopper of a price tag: $799.99 for the base model and up to $999.99 for the flagship variant. That's quite a bit more expensive than the iPad and competing devices, but hardware-wise, the Iconia W700 seems to have more in common with ultrabooks than anything.

It's powered by Intel's latest Core i3 and i5 processors—of the Ivy Bridge variety, of course—and it features either 64GB or 128GB of solid-state storage. The speedy x86 CPUs mean the Iconia W700 will run Windows 8, not Windows RT. Acer has also outfitted the device with a fairly large 11.6" display, whose IPS panel has a crisp 1920x1080 resolution. At "half an inch" thick and 2.3 lbs, the Iconia W700 is about as slim and light as you can expect an upscale ultrabook to be.

This tablet-ified ultrabook is going to ship with a "multipurpose cradle" (see above) that can be adjusted to hold the system in landscape mode at 20 or 70 degrees. The cradle can also be positioned in portrait mode. Throw in a Bluetooth keyboard and maybe a wireless mouse, and the Iconia W700 essentially turns into a full-fledged PC. That's probably going to come in handy, especially if folks need to venture outside the Metro tiles to run some productivity apps.

Acer plans to release the Iconia W700 on October 26, the day Windows 8 comes out.

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