Mozilla releases preview of Firefox for Windows 8

The Windows 8 version of Firefox sure has come a long way since that early demo we saw in April. Now, Mozilla has the browser up and running with a proper user interface in both Windows 8's Metro and desktop environments—and it's looking pretty sharp. See for yourself:

That screenshot is from the latest nightly build of Firefox for Windows 8, which Mozilla is now offering to the public. The installer is available right here, and Mozilla is encouraging folks to grab it and get testing. Among the features already in place are "a new Metro style Firefox Start page, support for Firefox Sync, Metro touch and swipe gestures, integration with Windows 8 'charms', and a simple but powerful Australis interface that is streamlined, modern, and beautiful."

Mozilla says the nightly is part of the "Elm" development branch and will be auto-updated as development continues. Users can purportedly look forward to more features, better performance, and better integration with Windows 8 over time. It's not clear when the final, production-ready build will be out, though.

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