Choose your own Dishonored adventure

We have, perhaps, posted too many Dishonored trailers in the past few months. This should be the last one, if only because the game comes out on Tuesday. To whet your appetite, publisher Bethesda has posted a "Path to Revenge" trailer with an interactive twist. The video takes you through parts of one of the game's missions, and it allows you to choose your own adventure at various points. Check it out:

The multiple-choice trailer does a good job of illustrating the various approaches players can use in the game. Looks like there are more than just a couple of ways to achieve a mission's objective. After trying a few of them, I'm not sure which I enjoy more: stealthy assasinations or more brazen attacks. The fact that both options exist should keep the gameplay varied and interesting.

Folks who order Dishonored on Steam before its release will get a couple of free Team Fortress 2 items in addition to a copy of Arx Fatalis, the first game from developer Arkane Studios. PC users are apparently getting higher-quality textures than the console crowd, too. This interview at Games on Net reveals that Arkane made high-res textures for the PC and then scaled those down for the Xbox and PlayStation. The PC version is a bigger download as a result, but you can apparently start pre-loading it on Steam right now. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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