Cherry MX brown switches line Logitech's new G710+ keyboard

Logitech has rolled out a new addition to its gaming keyboard lineup. The G710+ combines Cherry MX brown key switches with special damping rings designed to cut out the clickety clack commonly associated with mechanical keyboards. The MX brown switches are characterized by a tactile bump at their actuation point, which takes a relatively light 45 grams of force to reach.

Like most Logitech gaming keyboards, the G710+ is loaded with extra features. There are dual independent backlighting zones: one that covers the WASD and directional triangles and another for the rest of the keyboard. Users can choose between four different brightness levels for each zone or turn the backlighting off completely.

Media controls line the top of the keyboard, and six macro keys hang out on the left side. Thanks to a trio of profiles, the G710+ can store up to 18 programmable key sequences. It can also handle 26 simultaneous key presses, which should be more than enough for folks typing with only ten fingers—and even those who add their toes.

A built-in USB port gives the G710+ a handy place to plug in a thumb drive, but transfer rates will be limited to 2.0 speeds. That's a shame, because the USB port relies on a pass-through cable that presumably could have been beefed up to support USB 3.0.

Logitech is charging $150 for the G710+, which will be available in North America this month. European customers will have to wait until December.

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