Crytek shows Crysis 3 multiplayer with new modes

Everyone's busy fawning over Borderlands 2 and Dishonored this month, but there are some exciting games still to come. One of those is Crysis 3, which is due out in February of next year—and it just so happens Crytek has released a fresh trailer to show off that game's multiplayer for the first time. Take a look:

I'm not all that thrilled about the Crash Site mode, which looks pretty conventional. However, the new Hunter mode reminds me of an old Half-Life 2 mod, The Hidden, that was loads of fun to play with friends... and also pretty terrifying. Players had to fend off an invisible foe in dark and desolate maps with lots of nooks and crannies. Crytek's characterization of the Crysis 3 Hunter mode as an "adrenaline rush" sounds true to that experience.

I never really got into the multiplayer for the first few Crysis games, but I think I may have to give Crysis 3's MP component a shot once the game comes out.

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