Logitech intros wireless touchpad, touch mice for Win8

Windows 8 is going to be all about touch input. At least in the Metro interface, mice might feel a little like second-class citizens. That doesn't seem to frighten the folks at Logitech, who have introduced a wireless touchpad and two mice to harness the new operating system's touch capabilities.

The Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 looks like the lovechild of Apple's Magic Trackpad and the iPhone 5. Logitech touts its "ultra-smooth glass touch-surface" and its support for Windows 8 gestures. According to the official product page, the T650 is wider than a hand model's hand, and it comes with a charging cable for tethering when the battery runs low. The list of supported gestures is pretty long; it looks like users will be able to switch applications, call the Windows 8 Start screen, and open the charms bar, all with simple swipes. Convenient.

This puppy isn't gonna be cheap, though. Logitech quotes a suggested retail price of $79.99, which makes the device more expensive than the Apple Magic Trackpad, believe it or not. The Magic Trackpad sells for $69 on Apple's online store.

As for the mice, the $69.99 Touch Mouse T620 (pictured on the left) features a "full touch-surface" that also supports Windows 8 gestures, while the $49.99 Zone Touch Mouse T400 limits touch capabilities to a strip that's in place of the scroll wheel. Strangely, clicking that strip is supposed to open the Windows 8 Start screen. I guess Logitech thought the Windows key wasn't already easy enough to press by accident.

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