Deal of the week: Cheap SSDs, gaming bundles, and more

OCZ seems to be suffering the effects of its overly aggressive SSD pricing strategy, but for now, the getting's good—so long as you're a consumer and not a shareholder or company employee, that is. The firm's 256GB Agility 4 solid-state drive is available for $179.99 shipped at Newegg, or $159.99 after a $20 mail-in rebate. You can also grab the 128GB model for only $94.99 shipped, or $79.99 after a $15 MIR.

There are bargains to be had in the graphics world, too. The arrival of Nvidia's GeForce GTX 650 Ti has shown us that AMD's Radeon HD 7850 1GB is a pretty solid deal. HIS's version of the 7850 1GB is available for only $164.99, and it should outperform most variants of Nvidia's newcomer, which aren't much cheaper. (GTX 650 Ti prices start at $149.99.)  Folks looking to crank up antialiasing and texture detail may also want to consider VisionTek's Radeon HD 7850 2GB, which is available for only $184.99 shipped.

Oh, and Windows 8 went up for pre-order today. There are many ways of getting Microsoft's new operating system. If you're interested in buying a physical copy, then Newegg lets you take $10 off any version of the OS with the promo code "EMCJNJH82." (Just enter the code without the quotes on the checkout page.)

On the gaming front, Batman: Akrham Asylum and its excellent sequel, Bataman: Arkham City, are available in a downloadable bundle at Amazon for only $9.99. That's a sawbuck for the two of 'em together, not separately.

Finally, our Canadian friends will, as always, want to peruse NCIX's latest online sale. Among other deals, NCIX is letting Canucks grab the 256GB Agility 4 for just $169.99 CAD. That's before the $20 mail-in rebate, which makes the Canadian price lower than the U.S. one. Not too shabby.

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