Here's the first Windows 8 TV ad

With Windows 8's retail launch less than two weeks away, Microsoft has kicked the PR machine into full gear. On Sunday, the company revealed its first TV ad for the new operating system. According to the Wall Street Journal's Digits blog, the new ad "jockeyed during Sunday’s NFL telecasts." (I don't watch sports, so I'll take their word for it.)

Here's it is, straight from the official WindowsVideos YouTube channel:

Note the device selection. Microsoft opens with a convertible concept, then moves on to touchscreen laptops and desktops, only devoting a brief amount of airtime to conventional tablets. That seems pretty clever to me. Microsoft is showing folks devices they likely haven't had a chance to experience before (not at home, anyway). That turns Windows 8 from a me-too product into something new and intriguing—something that warrants a closer, more hands-on look, possibly at the nearest Best Buy store come October 26.

There's certainly going to be a wealth of touch-enabled PCs ready for Windows 8's big debut. We've seen introductions from pretty much all of the major players in the industry. Acer, for example, unveiled both touch ultrabooks and an x86 convertible tablet just last week. We've also seen some more exotic devices, like Lenovo's Yoga series.

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