Rumor: Mini iPad, 13'' Retina MacBook to launch on October 23

Apple will unleash bite-sized versions of two of its products next week, if we're to believe the folks at 9to5Mac. Quoting "a consistently reliable source at a high-profile U.S. retailer," the site revealed yesterday that Apple will unveil a 13" version of its Retina MacBook Pro alongside the iPad Mini at an upcoming launch event.

That event is scheduled for October 23, according to All Things D. That site was tipped off about the date by "people familiar with Apple's plans." Those people believe the event will be invitation-only, per Apple custom, and may take place at the Town Hall Auditorium in Apple's Cupertino, California headquarters.

In related news, a German blogger claims to have obtained a list of iPad Mini models from an informant who also wishes to remain anonymous. The list appears to come from a retailer's stock management system, and it shows no fewer than 16 different variants of the device. The cheapest one features Wi-Fi connectivity, 8GB of storage capacity, and a €249 price tag, while the priciest model apparently has cellular connectivity (not clear whether that's 3G or 4G), 64GB of storage, and a whopping €649 price tag.

Simply swapping that currency sign should give us a rough idea of how much the iPad Mini device may cost in the United States. For reference, the new iPad currently starts at €479 in Germany, while U.S. pricing begins at $499.

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