Interested in writing for TR?

TR is looking for writers, and I'd like to first search our audience before widening the net. The fact is we're a little different from a lot of the tech sites out there. We're sticklers for detail, and our standards are higher than is typical for the industry. Regular readers should be familiar with our vaguely OCD nature by now. I don't expect the average freelancer to get it, though.

Just browsing through the comments and forums tells me TR has plenty of readers who combine the technical savvy, writing skills, and underlying passion for technology that we look for in new staff. If you're one of 'em, and if you'd like to take a stab at writing for TR, shoot me an email.

To start, we're looking for folks capable of writing blog-style articles around 700-1000 words. Applicants need not have any formal experience. They must, however, know how to write—and I don't just mean stringing together a few sentences that'll get past Word's grammar checker. We're going to need to see examples of your work, whether it's articles that have been published elsewhere, or something you've whipped up to show off your writing chops.

Obviously, employees of the companies we cover (and their marketing surrogates) aren't eligible to write for TR. We're not crazy about fanboys, either. Making a reasoned argument rooted in fact is one thing, but that's entirely different than going off on an unhinged rant.

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