And here's the first TV ad for Microsoft's Surface

Microsoft is on a roll this week. After unwrapping the first Windows 8 TV ad on Sunday, the company has kicked off its ad bliz for the Surface tablet. The following video popped up on the official Surface YouTube channel late yesterday:

According to the folks at CNet News, the video aired "possibly during Monday Night Football and 'Dancing with the Stars.'" (Due to my neglectful relationship with cable television, I can neither confirm or deny that. Considering the video's production value, though, I'm sure Microsoft ain't sneaking this one into late-night Seinfeld reruns.)

The October 26 launch date at the end of the clip only applies to the ARM-powered Surface for Windows RT, by the way. The Intel-powered version of the Surface won't be out until "about 90 days" later, which would put its release date some time in late January 2013. Microsoft still hasn't announced pricing, but Steve Ballmer hinted at a $300-700 price range for the two devices in an interview last month.

In any case, I like the new ad. It's certainly more fun to watch than the sterile, somewhat aseptic Apple ads. Microsoft isn't really dwelling on the software and the interface, but the idea seems to be the same as with yesterday's Win8 ad: show consumers something unusual, and hope they're intrigued enough to take a closer look.

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