1. Glide Underground's Open Source website project
  2. I am not a geek interviews The Inquirer's Mike Magee
  3. EverythingUSB on Targus USB charge-sync cable for Palm V
  4. Zero Credits: overclocked calculator injures student (humor)
  5. Website du jour: Xenofex

  1. VR-Zone's IWill KK266-R voltage mod
  2. Amdmb updates Asus A7V/A7V133 FAQ
  3. X-bit labs on VIA KT266 motherboards: EPoX, Gigabyte, and Shuttle
  4. VIAhardware reviews DFI AK75-EC
  5. Digit Life reviews Asus CUEP2-M
  6. Neoseeker reviews Olympus E-10 digital camera
  7. Mikhailtech does Globalwin WBK series comparison
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