Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC debuts in premiere trailer

As Battlefield 3's one-year anniversary approaches, developer DICE is readying the game's penultimate expansion pack. To whet your appetite for the upcoming Aftermath DLC, check out the official premiere trailer:

Well, that was different. Aftermath is set in a post-earthquake Iran strewn with crumbling buildings and other debris. The combat focuses on urban warfare, which will play out across four new maps. Aftershocks will apparently factor into the gameplay, as will new vehicles and a crossbow. Too bad the trailer spends so much of its time focusing on the setup rather than those fresh elements.

Perhaps the footage is meant to hint at scavenge, a new multiplayer mode in which gamers take on the role of lost soldiers armed with only a knife, pistol, and single grenade. As the name suggests, you'll have to scavenge the environment for better weapons. That might even the playing field a little for folks who haven't leveled up enough to unlock and upgrade some of the best guns.

Aftermath is free for folks with Battlefield 3: Premium accounts but will set you back $15 otherwise. The DLC is being released on a painfully staggered schedule. Premium players will get their first taste on November 27, but only on the PlayStation 3. Aftermath access won't be granted to premium accounts on the PC and Xbox 360 until December 4. On December 11, the expansion pack will be available for purchase separately, but only on the PS3. PC and Xbox gamers will have to wait another week to get their hands on the release. Ugh.

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