Trailer shows 14 minutes of Far Cry 3 gameplay

Far Cry 3 is one of many first-person shooters due out this holiday season. The game is scheduled for release on December 4 in North America, and you can get a sense of the action in a new, 14-minute gameplay video released by the developers. The video walks the player through a handful of different scenarios, explaining elements of the game along the way.

Lead designer Jamie Keen and level design director Mark Thompson provide narration, and their banter is one of the best parts of the video. The gameplay looks solid, too. Far Cry 3's open world lets the player approach combat with stealth or guns blazing. A fast-travel system has been implemented to cut down on the driving time between missions, and the ability to capture areas of the world should cut down on repetitive checkpoint combat—annoyances that really turned me off of the last Far Cry game.

Unlike Far Cry 2, which was primarily an outdoor affair, the latest chapter in the franchise will include a smattering of indoor and underground environments. A crafting system stirs in some RPG flavor, as well. There's just one problem: jumping puzzles have been added as a gameplay element, and some of them are "a little bit mean," according to Keen. Looks like you'll have to perform carefully timed leaps to disable the various GPS jammers that mess with the in-game map.

I didn't expect Far Cry 3 to be on my short list of holiday titles to play, but the more I see of the game, the higher up the list it creeps. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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