AMD's Clawhammer and annual shareholders meeting

ZDNet lifts the veil on Clawhammer:
AMD disclosed that the first of several forthcoming processors, code-named Clawhammer, will be only 105 millimeters square--about the same size as a current Athlon chip and half the size of Intel's current Pentium 4 chips. But it will deliver more than three times the clock speed of the first Athlon, and its small size will help AMD hold down capital expenditures.

To that end, AMD will use a new 0.13-micron manufacturing process to build the new generation of chips. AMD will also include SOI, a performance-enhancing manufacturing technique licensed from IBM. SOI adds a layer of oxide material between the transistor and silicon it rests on inside a chip. The oxide insulates the transistor from the silicon, reducing the amount of energy lost. The transistor, therefore, can run faster and at the same time consume less power.

Samples are due in Q4. AMD's annual shareholder's meeting was yesterday; the rebroadcast is here. JC's Home Page talks about what to expect from AMD.
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