Rumor: 10'', 300-PPI Nexus tablet coming Oct. 29

We know Google has an Android event scheduled for October 29—invites went out last week—but we don't know exactly what the company has planned. The folks at The Next Web claim to have a pretty good idea, though. They say a "source with knowledge of Google's plans" tipped them off to pretty much every item on the agenda.

Among those items: a new version of Android, numbered 4.2, and a Nexus-branded tablet with a 10", ultra-high-density display. Word is that this "Nexus 10" tablet will be built by Samsung and will feature an impressive 2560x1600 display resolution. That would work out to a pixel density of 300 PPI, substantially higher than the new iPad's 264 PPI. (The Apple tablet has a 9.7" screen with a 2048x1536 resolution.)

There are no details about the Nexus 10 tablet's exact specs. However, driving that kind of a screen may not require anything stupendously powerful. Nvidia demoed its Tegra 3 SoC streaming 1440p video to a 2560x1600 panel all the way back in February 2011, when Tegra 3 was still known by its code name, Kal-El.

The Next Web claims Google will also unleash a new Nexus phone, the LG Nexus 4, as well as two 32GB versions of its existing, Asus-produced Nexus 7 tablets at the event. One of those 32GB Nexus 7 models will feature HSPA+ connectivity, while the other will just have plain-old Wi-Fi.

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