Xbox 360 250GB to cost $99 with a contract

Back in May, Microsoft started offering the cheapest member of the Xbox 360 lineup, the 4GB model, for $99 instead of the usual $199. The catch? You had to sign up for a two-year Xbox Live Gold membership.

Now, as The Verge reports, Microsoft is about to extend the deal to cover the 250GB version of the console. A page on the Xbox website says the vanilla 250GB Xbox 360 will be available for $99 with a two-year, $14.99-a-month Xbox Live Gold subscription. Users will also be able to spring for the 250GB Kinect-equipped model, which will be on offer for $149 as part of the same contract.

That's a reasonably steep discount, considering the Xbox 360 250GB normally sells for $299.99, and the Kinect variant is $399.99. Of course, factoring in the two-year Xbox Live Gold tie-in means brings the total cost of the two consoles up to around $458.76 and $508.76, respectively. Without the contract, Xbox Live Gold membership costs as little as $5 a month, so you'd be paying only $420 with a 250GB Xbox 360. The Kinect model would actually set you back slightly more without the contract, though—$520 in all.

In any case, the new deals aren't available quite yet. Microsoft states on the page, "Please check back later to see a full list of participating retailers."

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