Beast of America is the new BioShock Infinite trailer

Dishonored won't be the freshest steampunk-infused shooter for long. BioShock Infinite is coming in February, and there's a new "Beast of America" trailer to whet your appetite: 

There's plenty of action in the trailer, and the combat looks nice and frantic. For me, though, the graphics are the most impressive part—not necessarily the fancy effects, but the strong sense of style and artistic direction that permeates everything from the weapons to the enemies to the environments. Columbia, the floating city that serves as the setting for BioShock Infinite, is very much a place I'd like to explore.

The trailer also has a rocking soundtrack. Instead of the usual thumping techno, we're treated to Nico Vega's appropriately titled Beast. I keep humming it as I write this.

While I'm looking forward to BioShock Infinite, I can't help but be troubled by recent departures at developer Irrational Games. AI lead Don Norbury and combat design director Clint Bundrick both left the company earlier this month. Art director Nate Wells jumped ship this summer along with three others, while producer Joseph Faulstick exited the company in May. Irrational co-founder Ken Levine has chalked up the departures to normal turnover, and I hope they haven't affected the game adversely.

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