GeForce 310.33 beta drivers promise 'up to 15%' performance boost

Just one day after AMD unleashed its snazzy new Catalyst 12.11 beta "Never Settle" graphics drivers with promises of 15% performance gains on average, Nvidia has posted a GeForce 310.33 beta driver that purportedly boosts performance by "up to 15%" with GTX 600-series graphics cards.

That's a peak number, not an average, so Nvidia's claims aren't quite as bold as AMD's. Still, dueling numbers are fun, and Nvidia does claim Skyrim performance on the GTX 680 is "increased by 10.9% at 1920x1080 when using High settings in an indoor scenario." That's frighteningly accurate, so it must be true.

To find out for yourself, you can grab the new drivers right here.

With a host of new games coming out, the impending Win8 release, and these driver updates, the table has certainly been set for a GPU performance update. Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today.

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