AMD to clarify ''ambidextrous'' strategy on Monday

You can fault AMD for a lot of things lately, but being boring and predictable definitely isn't one of them. Mere days after announcing an extensive round of layoffs, the company has put out a press release saying it will host a news conference next Monday about its "ambidextrous strategy." Here's the meaty part of release:

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced that President and Chief Executive Officer Rory Read, and Senior Vice President and General Manager Global Business Units Lisa Su will host a news conference to provide updates and more detail on the company’s ambidextrous strategy. The news conference will take place in San Francisco on Oct. 29, commencing at 1:30 p.m. PDT.

The news conference is for invited attendees; however a real-time audio and video webcast of the presentation can be accessed on the AMD Investor Relations home page: A live Twitter feed can also be followed at both @AMD_Unprocessed and #AMDFeed.

Now, the "ambidextrous" link just points to the Financial Analyst Day page from last February, but we know very well what AMD is talking about. We wrote all about it at the time.

In short, AMD's new leadership has been dropping some pretty strong hints that they want to integrate non-x86 (potentially ARM) cores in future AMD processors. At the Analyst Day event, AMD CEO Rory Read specifically used the word "ambidextrous" in reference to CPU instruction set architectures, and Senior VP and General Manager Lisa Su added that AMD isn't going to be "religious" about architectures going forward. That's about as explicit as the company got at the time, but it sounds like we'll be hearing some specifics very soon.

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