id's Carmack: Rage mod tools coming ''soon''

John Carmack's Twitter feed is mostly made up of geeky observations about programming and rocket science. Once in a while, though, the id Software Technical Director posts something that makes PC gamers smile. He did just that earlier this week, teasing the impending arrival of mod tools for Rage:

@investor_dan BFG work pushed the Rage tools, but Real Soon Now. I hope. Sigh. I think we have made poor decisions on this all year.

("BFG work" alludes to id Software's efforts on Doom 3: BFG Edition, a "remastered" version of the 2004 classic. BFG Edition came out earlier this month on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.)

According to a May 2011 story by PC Gamer, Rage was supposed to come with mod tools right out of the box. id Creative Director Tim Willits commented at the time, "Pull down the console, type 'id studio', then press enter. Then, bam, there's all the tools we use." I guess that never happened, because when Rage finally debuted on October 4, 2011, the tools were nowhere to be found. We haven't heard much in the way of updates since then, either. (Thanks to Joystiq and NeoGAF for the links.)

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