Friday night topic: What are you playing?

Time to pull out an old classic for tonight's topic. I've been spending quite a bit of free time playing Borderlands 2, and a host of other new games are awaiting my attention once I'm finished, including Guild Wars 2, Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, and maybe Medal of Honor Warfighter or XCOM. I'm sure I'm missing some other recent releases, and there are more new games coming soon.

So, the question is: what games are you playing right now, and how are you enjoying them?

Personally, as a bit of a Borderlands fanatic, I'm like a pig in mud. I'm up to about level 25 so far, and I'm taking my sweet time, playing every possible side quest and enjoying my time in the new Pandora. The basic template for an evening's play session is unchanging. First, I dig into my backpack and compare weapons, selling enough stuff to clear up space and equipping any new toys. Next, I raid and loot my way through an area, without having to think about loot management. Once a big quest line is complete, I stop. Next time out, the cycle repeats.

Last night, at the far corner of a map near the edge of a cliff, I opened a semi-obscured cabinet and found a sniper rifle that does 999 damage per shot. Oh, man. The rest of the evening's raids consisted of a series of devastating critical hits, made with cold precision. Pure bliss.

I dunno. I talk big about playing other games, but I'll probably just play through the rest of the BL2 DLC before really committing to anything else.

What are you playing? Discuss.

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