Sunday Shortbread

The Pick 6

  1. Neowin: Google Now used to alert Android
    users of Hurricane Sandy and tsunami threats
  2. An update on the ext4 corruption issue
  3. Engadget: Ubuntu lands on Nexus 7
    slates with Canonical's one-click installer
  4. Neowin reviews Microsoft Surface with Windows RT
  5. Wired: The game console is dead. What will replace it?
  6. GameInformer: Sign up for the Steam for Linux beta


  1. InfoWorld: Why I left my MacBook for a Chromebook
  2. WSJ: Web profiles haunt students
Software and gaming

  1. ITworld: How Linux makes the post-desktop world possible
  2. ABT pits Catalyst 12.11 vs. GeForce 310.33 drivers
  3. TweakTown's Medal of Honor: Warfighter review (PC)

  1. Tbreak's hp Spectre One review
  2. Rbmods on BitFenix Prodigy mini-ITX case
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