Poll: What will be the fate of Windows RT?

Windows RT is a curious beast. It features the tablet-friendly Modern UI Style and is compatible with the ARM-based processors found in most modern tablets. However, it also sacrifices the x86 application compatbility that makes Windows, well, Windows. There may be a desktop environment lurking under all those colorful tiles, but the only software that runs there is Microsoft's own. Windows RT requires new apps, and they're available only through the Microsoft Store, whose selection is somewhat limited right now.

What do you think will become of Windows RT? Will it be marginalized by the x86-compatible version of Windows 8, or will the two coexist happily? Is there any chance Windows RT could eventually become the dominant version of Windows? You can let us know by voting in the poll below. Votes can also be cast in the middle column on the front page.

Our last poll dealt with the sticky subject of thermal paste—specifically, how you prefer to apply it. 44% squeeze a drop of paste onto the CPU and then affix the heatsink, an approach that a lot of cooler makers seem to recommend these days. A slightly greater percentage of voters (47%) spread the paste themselves, but their methods vary: 21% use a credit card, 11% use a finger wrapped in plastic, 9% use their bare finger, and 6% have some kind of paste applicator tool. 7% rely on other methods entirely, while just 2% use the stock TIMs found on some heatsinks.

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