Ace of Spades combines Minecraft, Team Fortress

You know Minecraft has hit the big time when it's the most popular game on Xbox Live, ahead of even the Call of Duty crowd. Now, imagine what would happen if Minecraft's sandbox building elements and retro graphics were combined with a class-based multiplayer shooter. That's the idea behind Ace of Spades, an FPS game developed by the folks who created RuneScape.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun took an early look at the game in 2011 and now has word that the final version is heading to Steam in December. The beta apparently has quite a following, with 2.5 million installs to its name, and I can see why. This looks like a version of Team Fortress where you get to build your own fort. How can you not want to try that out?

The official website is a little short on details, but you can sign up to receive email updates about the game. There's also a Facebook page if you feel compelled to like what you see.

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