Kim Dotcom teases new Mega site

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's new venture has found a home. Dotcom announced the URL on Twitter, and millions are reportedly hitting the site already. The Mega cloud storage service won't actually launch until January 20, the one-year anniversary of Dotcom's arrest in conjunction with Megaupload. 

The coverage at BBC News has a few choice quotes from Dotcom, who says the new site will avoid dealing with hosts and backbone providers in the US. All uploaded files will be encrypted, and not even Mega administrators will be able to access them. Dotcom hopes that provision will keep Mega from running afoul of US laws, but he doesn't seem willing to risk hosting any part of the service on US soil.

According to the details posted on the Mega front page, using the site will require only a web browser. Even without client software, batch uploads and downloads, parallel transfers, and resuming will be supported. Encryption and decryption will be handled server-side, but the user will hold the encryption keys. Folks will be able to share their files with other accounts for "easy online collaboration," too. Yarrr.

Mega will also offer an SDK to allow aspiring developers to write client applications that work with the encryption scheme. Mega is currently looking for both hosting partners and investors. Dotcom apparently has enough cash to launch the service, but external investment may be required to keep it free of charge.

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