Saturday Shortbread

7 Up

  1. TNW: Microsoft's security team is killing it: Not one
    product on Kaspersky's top 10 vulnerabilities list
  2. The Register: Windows 8 'penetrated" says firm which sells to world's spy agencies
  3. [H]ard|OCP reports Danger Den is closing its doors
  4. Ports on Surface for recharging, uploading, and sharing (video)
  5. Pocket-lint's exclusive: HTC Opera UL is official Facebook phone
  6. X-bit labs: Leading chip companies collaborate
    with Linaro to create Linux for ARM servers
  7. Safari 6.0.2


  1. X-bit labs: LG introduces 23" display with touch for Windows 8-based PCs
  2. FanlessTech on Thermalright's new passive CPU cooler
  3. Newegg's deals

  1. AppleInsider: Apple brings $19 Lightning-to-Micro USB adapter to U.S. stores
  2. Hardware Heaven reviews Apple iPad mini
Software and gaming

  1. Neowin's editorial: A world without Windows
  2. Skyrim 1.8 update
  3. RO2 workshop on Steam
  4. Guild Wars 2: The Lost Shores

  1. VR-Zone reviews 700W High Power Astro PT PSU
  2. NikKTech reviews BitFenix Outlaw case
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