Corsair adds new H100i, H80i liquid coolers

Looks like Corsair wasn't finished updating its self-enclosed Hydro Series liquid coolers. After announcing replacements for the H50 and H60 a couple of weeks back, the company has now tackled the high-end H80 and H100, introducing new-and-improved successors dubbed the H80i and H100i.

Corsair says these latest models both feature "new, more efficient" copper cold plates and "improved" manifolds. The company claims to have improved the fan design "significantly," as well. The H80i and H100i both ship with 120-mm SP120L fans based on Corsair's retail SP120 offerings. (The SP120L is rated for operation at up to 2700 RPM with up to 77 CFM of airflow and a noise level of 37.68 dBA.) The new coolers also have tubes made of a more flexible composite rubber than their predecessors, and Corsair has included its new magnetic mounting bracket to make the installation process simpler.

Left: the Hydro Series H100i. Right: the H80i. Source: Corsair.

In addition to all that, Corsair says the H80i and H100i are compatible with its Corsair Link scheme, which enables control and monitoring through software. Here are the details:

Out of the box compatibility with Corsair Link provides control over fan speeds and noise levels, pump head LED lighting customization, and the ability to create custom cooling profiles from the Corsair Link Dashboard’s easy-to-use software interface. An additional Corsair Link Digital connector on the pump head provides monitoring and control of other devices, such as Corsair Link equipped power supplies, Lighting Nodes, Cooling Nodes, and the Airflow Pro memory activity and temperature monitor kits.

The H100i and H80i are otherwise physically similar to their forebears. The former has a 240-mm radiator with dual 120-mm fans arranged side-by-side, while the latter has a "double-thick" radiator sandwiched between a pair of 120-mm fans. Corsair still offers a five-year warranty, too, but prices have gone up a little. Corsair quotes suggested pricing of $119.99 for the H100i and $99.99 for the H80i, compared to $114.99 and $84.99 for the H100 and H80, respectively. I already see the new coolers listed at Newegg, but they aren't in stock just yet.

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