Corsair intros cheaper PSUs with Link software support

Looks like Corsair's on a roll. Fresh from the launch of its new H80i and H100i coolers, the firm has unleashed four new power supplies, including two units that feature the same Corsair Link mojo—hence the "i" suffix.

The AX760i and AX860i are lower-wattage siblings of the existing AX1200i, which retails for $299.99 right now. Corsair quotes suggested prices of $229.99 and $249.99 for the 760W and 860W models, respectively, so they're not vastly more affordable. Still, not everybody needs over a kilowatt of power for his PC, so having the option to get a more reasonable model for $70 less isn't unwelcome.

Both the AX760i and the AX860i boast 80 Plus Platinum certification—the second-highest there is—and efficiency ratings up to 92%. They have modular cabling, 140-mm fans, and of course, Corsair Link functionality. You'll want to check out Geoff's look at the AX1200i and the Link software for more details, but here's the Cliff's Notes version, in Corsair's words:

The DSP-based design, combined with Corsair Link™ technology, provides enthusiasts with real-time control over the features and performance characteristics of their PSU all via software. This includes real-time monitoring of temperature, current draw, and power efficiency, as well as the ability to adjust the speed of the internal 140mm fan. These features also allow for a unique level of configurability, such as the ability to switch from the default single +12V rail configuration to a tailored “multi-rail” mode, with the ability to set over current protection set-points on a per-rail basis.

Nifty. The company also claims its digital power circuitry delivers "incredibly stable voltages" as well as "exceptionally low ripple and noise." Given the asking prices, I'd expect no less.

For folks with (slightly) shallower pockets, Corsair has also launched the non-Link-enabled AX760 and AX860. These are priced at $199.99 and $219.99, respectively. They still tout the 80 Plus Platinum label, but their peak efficiency is slightly lower, at 90%. Not that that's anything to scoff at. In fact, Corsair says these units are so efficient that their fans don't even switch on until the electrical load reaches 60% on the AX860 or 70% on the AX760. Barring any chirping or buzzing from the internal components, these things should be totally silent at idle.

You can start looking for the AX760, AX860, AX760i, and AX860i in stores this month. All four units are covered under a seven-year warranty, so you should be set until 2019 if you buy one now.

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