New Zotac Zbox packs fastest Brazos 2.0 APU

Zotac's Zbox nettops have stuck to the same designs for several years now, but Zotac hasn't been shy about updating their guts with the latest low-power chips. Case in point: the new Zbox AD06, which features AMD's Brazos 2.0 platform and the quickest member of the matching processor family.

The E2-1800 chip inside the Zbox A06 has dual cores clocked at 1.7GHz, and its 80 shader ALUs run at 523MHz with a peak speed of 680MHz. (Zotac touts a "Radeon HD 7340 GPU," but that's just the E2-1800's integrated graphics.) Power-wise, the E2-1800 has the same 18W thermal envelope as previous-gen Brazos chips, so its peak power draw should be no higher than that of the older E-300 and E-450.

Brazos 2.0 also brings dual native USB 3.0 ports to the Zbox AD06. Aside from that, though, there isn't anything hugely remarkable about this nettop. It has the same design and 7.40" x 7.40" x 1.73" dimensions as its predecessors. Other connectivity includes DVI, HDMI, quad USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0. If I understand correctly, the USB 2.0 ports are high-amperage ports designed to charge mobile devices quicker. Zotac throws in a matching high-amperage charging cable and a Windows Media Center IR remote, as well.

The AD06 comes in two flavors. There's the AD06 Plus, which has 2GB of RAM and a 320GB 5,400-RPM mechanical hard drive. Folks who wish to supply their own storage and memory can grab the vanilla AD06, which ships with neither—just a pair of SO-DIMM slots and a 2.5" drive bay. If the AD06 is anything like similar Zotac nettops we've looked at in the past (and it definitely appears to be), cracking it open to add a hard drive and RAM should be a piece of cake.

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