AOL to end exclusive support for IE?

Rand sends in this ZDNet story with the following annotations:

  1. Last paragraph...."AOL has power to change Browser market overnite
    if they change which browser they use".
  2. AOL and MS are warring over "Instant Messenger".
  3. AOL now free of contract they signed with MS (AOL-Online must give MS-IE "exclusive" support).
  4. With 29 million customers -- AOL now needs MS ("AOL prominently displayed in WindowsOS")
    less than MS needs them ("IE supported by AOL-Online").
  5. AOL may be holding off abandoning IE until Federal Appeals Court renders MS Anti-Trust verdict.
    AOL wants MS broken up.
    They sided with Govt as "Friend of the Court".
    If they abandoned IE right now, it would hurt Govt's case.
The gentleman notes that Time/AOL now has both the "ability" and the "desire" to cripple or kill Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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