New Samsung NAND slips under 20-nm threshold

Samsung has begun producing NAND chips using "10 nanometer-class" process technology. The press release doesn't get more specific about the fabrication process, which could be anywhere from 10 nm to 19 nm. My money's on something closer to the high end of that range.

The new NAND chips weigh in at 64Gb each, and Samsung is combining eight of them on a new eMMC Pro Class 2000 memory card designed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This 64GB device is purportedly capable of hitting 260MB/s with sequential reads and 50MB/s with writes. Its random read throughput is rated at 5,000 IOps, while random writes are pegged at 2,000 IOps.

Those performance figures aren't that impressive in the context of full-sized SSDs, but the eMMC card is much smaller, at just 11.5 x 13 mm. Samsung says the Pro Class 2000 is 30% faster than its smiliarly sized eMMC predecessor. The firm also claims the new eMMC card improves "manufacturing productivity" by 30%, which might help you narrow down the exact number of nanometers in the fabrication process.

Samsung says the eMMC Pro Class 200 has been in production since late last month. There's no word on how soon it will start popping up in devices, though.

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