Hackers in the trenches

Looks like Chinese hackers have made good on threats to attack US web sites, and US hackers fired right back.
The first shots in a planned week-long cyberwar between Chinese and American hackers were fired early Monday, with Chinese hackers claiming credit for defacing a dozen U.S websites.

The attacked sites include the MCI Center in Washington, several Air Force sites and websites operated by the departments of Energy, Labor, and Health and Human Services.

American hackers swiftly responded by defacing 15 websites in China with ethnic jokes and calls for hackers to join the war.

According to the full article at Wired, the Chinese attacks are targetted primarily against government sites, and aimed at accomplishing peace. They've even got instructions for those without l33t h4x0ring skillz.
Also available on the site is meticulous documentation that explains how to scan computer networks to find vulnerable systems, along with downloadable software that allows any moderately skilled person to scan, attack and then remotely control a network.
I can't, however, see this going over very well as far as sympathy for China is concerned.
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