Nvidia posts new drivers for Hitman: Absolution

IO Interactive's Hitman: Absolution is out today, and Nvidia has a fresh set of beta graphics drivers ready for the occasion. You can grab this new GeForce 310.61 beta release right here from the beta and legacy driver section of the GeForce.com website.

Compatibility with both the new stealth assassination game and Planetside 2 has been "improved," Nvidia says, and a fresh SLI profile for Call of Duty: Black Ops II has been tossed in, as well. Other than that, there isn't much going on in this release. Nvidia calls it a "minor update" from last week's GeForce 310.54 beta drivers.

As we reported last Monday, the 310.54 beta update introduced performance and image quality optimizations for Assassin's Creed III and Black Ops II. Nvidia touted gains of as much as 26% in the former and 18% in the latter. New SLI and 3D Vision profiles were also included, as were lesser performance optimizations for a handful of older titles, including Battlefield 3 and Skyrim.

According to Nvidia, all of the optimizations and improvements from the 310.54 betas are included in today's 310.61 beta release, as well. (Thanks to TR reader SH SOTN for the tip.)

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